Geelong’s Tesla Big Battery fire burns over weekend

  “A fire at French renewable energy giant Neoen’s Victorian Big Battery at Geelong continued to burn into Sunday, with fire crews awaiting experts from Tesla to assist in opening the Megapack battery that first caught ablaze. The fire started at the partly federally funded 300-megawatt Tesla Megapack battery project at Moorabool on Friday morning. … [Read more…]

Minnesota adopts clean cars standard that require more electric vehicles

  “Minnesota is the latest state — and the first in the Midwest — to adopt California’s stricter tailpipe emissions standards and mandate for automakers to get more zero-emission vehicles onto sales lots. The rules don’t take effect until Jan. 1, 2024, for 2025 models, so Minnesotans likely will not see an immediate burst of … [Read more…]

A New National Climate Army

  “As the U.S. recovers from a pandemic, with workers in services and manufacturing in short supply across the economy, here’s what no one sensible thinks America urgently needs: a huge new federal Civilian Climate Corps. Yet that’s exactly what Democrats want to create as part of their plan to expand government into every corner … [Read more…]

City of Kingston considers bulk energy purchasing

  “City lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow Kingston to pool the electricity demands of residents and small businesses in order to purchase energy in bulk, resulting in lower costs and a focus on renewable options. Julie Noble, the city’s environmental education and sustainability coordinator, told members of the Common Council’s Laws and Rules … [Read more…]

Not in Our Backyard

  “The “Not In Our Backyard” report is a must-read. The last paragraph reads “Finally, this report documents the widespread resistance to the encroachment of large-scale renewable projects by landowners and local governments across rural America. It shows that the enormous amount of land required by renewable energy is already limiting the growth of wind … [Read more…]

Oil Industry Woes Lead to Massive Changes in the Insurance Industry

  “A recent ruling by a federal judge dictates that oil companies must contribute to the roughly $7.2 billion in cleanup costs of decommissioning oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico. The ruling marks a significant turn in the bankruptcy case of Fieldwood Energy LLC, who are seeking to pass the buck on cleanup costs … [Read more…]

Under new law, Minnesota gas utilities could play a role in electrification

  “A new Minnesota law aims to help natural gas utilities innovate and diversify their businesses as the state works to eliminate carbon emissions. The Natural Gas Innovation Act encourages gas companies to file with regulators “innovation plans” that decarbonize their operations. Utilities can recover costs of pilot projects and use results to meet their … [Read more…]

The Case for Climate-Change Realism

  “There is a long and infamous history of world leaders marking humanity’s “last chance” to avoid the ravages of man-made climate change. In 1989, for instance, the director of the New York office of the U.N. Environment Program warned that rising sea levels would cause entire nations to disappear if the global-warming trend were … [Read more…]

Somerset, Cambria join lawsuit against renewable energy board

  “Several local municipalities and advocacy groups are part of a lawsuit filed against the Office of Renewable Energy Siting (ORES) accusing the state agency of violating state law when it failed to comply with the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and not take a “hard look” at the environmental consequences of its regulations, … [Read more…]

Minnesota Power moving to rates that vary by time of day

  “Minnesota Power is poised to be the first utility in the state to fully switch to “time of day” electricity rates for residential customers, meaning power is more expensive during certain hours and discounted when it is more readily available. The move is prompted by an increase in renewable energy and its variability — … [Read more…]